• Publishing Your Research 101

    The American Chemical Society just released episode 6 in their excellent “publishing 101” series. They do this with two videos on the review process. The first is on what editors expect from their reviewers:

    Part 2 explores the relationship between authors and reviewers; it covers what authors should expect from a review and how they should go about replying to it:

    This whole series is excellent. It began with an interview with George Whitesides, a man so successful at publishing papers that he literally has his own publication search engine. (If you want a goal to strive for, try searching with all fields left blank.) While I’m one who thinks we sometimes over-emphasize the importance of an individual’s publication record, the fact is that the culture in which we work does emphasize it to a tremendous degree. So if you want to play the game, you might as well know how to do so efficiently. That’s where videos like this come in.

    OK, enough chit chat. I gotta go write my next paper… 😉