• See the Ball, Be the Ball.

    What do we know about potentially habitable worlds beyond our Solar System? What will it take to find out whether or not they are habitable… or inhabited? What are we doing to improve our ability to answer those two questions? These are the things my colleagues and I get to work on every day, and recently I had a chance to present an overview of this  with one of my colleagues, Mike McElwain. Mike is an instrument scientist, and between the two of us we’re involved with most of the US-based mission concepts that plan to directly image these extrasolar planets. We talk about the discoveries so far, the direct imaging missions, and the modeling we’re doing in advance of them.

    Anyways, below is a link to the video from our talk. I hope you enjoy it!


    Oh, and for those too young to get the reference… this is where the title of the talk comes from: