• Site upgrades… and another new blogger!

    Change is in the vacuum here at PaleBlue.blog… We introduced you to new blogger Julia DeMarines last week. This week, we’re going to introduce you to Andrew Rushby, the blogger over at “the II-I blog.” It was actually through Andrew’s blog that I first got to know him. I thought to myself “Hey, whoever this guy is, he’s pretty darn good. I wish we he would blog for us.” Then, I met him “in real life!” at this year’s AbSciCon. Turns out, he had been reading PaleBlue.blog, as well, and was a fan. What’s more, he was (and still is) being advised (or co-advised) by my research partner-in-crime, Mark Claire. So it was a natural fit, and I’m really psyched to have him on board. I’ve been busy recruiting new authors and making site improvements… not to mention the “normal work hours stuff” and haven’t been posting as much as I’d like. Hopefully Andrew and Julia will help pick up the slack.

    Now, as to the site improvements: I installed the Disqus commenting system. We had used this at the old tumblr version of the blog, and I was missing the versatility of the different login options for our readers. So that’s back and once again you can post via facebook, google, yahoo, disqus, etc.

    I also finally figured out how to get our twitter feed operating properly. Now you’ll see tweets from all our authors… well the ones on Twitter anyways. So far that’s myself, Julia, Ariel, David… and Andrew! I know Ariel and David have been tweeting some great science content. This will be a place to aggregate that.