• The Countdown 7/7/2011

    3… Following yesterday’s news that JWST is under threat of cancellation by Congress,the AAS responded today. There are lots of good points in that post, the type that carry weight here in DC. I recommend reading it, and following up with your congressional representatives. And unlike other mission debates, this isn’t a choice between JWST and something else. It’s JWST or bust. This is a real cut to NASA’s budget that is being proposed.

    2… If one wants to see some of the great science being done by the astrophysics community, look no further than this week’s issue of Science. There’s a series of articles in a special section on galaxies and their evolution. I haven’t had time to read them yet, but plan to tomorrow.

    1… All eyes will be on the Kennedy Space Center for the next 10 hours or so. You know why. Godspeed, STS-135 crew. Catch the livestream here.

    …… LAUNCH!