• This is the new blog. Same as the old blog.

    Hi, everyone. Shawn here. So, since I moved into our new house I haven’t been blogging much. Or at all. And when I look in the mirror, this is who I see:

    So I’m bringing some awesome friends into the blog, as co-lead people, to help generate more content. Let me introduce you all to them.

    First up, we have Julia DeMarines (@LifeNSpace). Julia has some great blogging chops, having been the official blogger for two science ocean drilling cruises (aboard the vessels JOIDES Resolution: Expedition 350, and the Atlantis: Oases 2012 – Return to the Cayman Rise), a personal science cruise bloga personal Tumblr blog, and a blog over at SAGANet. So, yowsers. She just started a Ph.D. program in Planetary Science at Hampton University, where she’ll be working on biosignature detection technology. So, she looks for ways to look for life. And will probably tell us all how to do it in a blog somewhere.

    Next, we have Heather Graham (@not_rollergirl). Her research is one of those mouthfuls that requires explanation – isotope geochemistry as a means of deriving three-dimensional structure in paleofloras. Which is another way to say she uses chemistry as a time machine to see how much thick ancient forests were. This was my reaction when I first heard of this:


    Both Heather and Julia have serious art skills, too. Julia is the inventor/organizer of Space in Your Face, which is a adult mash-up of performance art and science she started in Denver, Colorado. And Heather has been doing face-meltingly amazing costume, accessory and prop design for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. And they’ll be bringing those skills to the blog.

    And we’re also going to change our content up a bit.Our current plans are to be meme-ier. And funnier. And artsier. And blog-ier. And we’ll do some more short-form posts when we see cool things we like. So if you have ideas on what we could bring, drop them in the comments. Throw back Thursdays? Astrobiology news of the week? Journal club? What do you all want to see?