As the Worlds Turn

Categories: Earth

If you’re itching it get away from it all, really get away from it all, have we got some exotic destinations for you. Mars … Jupiter’s moon Europa … asteroids . Tour some enticing worlds that are worlds away, but ripe for exploration.

Also, why private spaceships may be just the ticket for getting yourself into space, unless you want to wait for a space elevator.

And, why one science journalist boasts of an infectious, unabashed, and unbridled enthusiasm for space travel.


  • Cynthia Phillips – Planetary geologist, SETI Institute
  • Britney Schmidt – Research scientist, University of Texas, Austin
  • Paul Abell – Planetary geologist, NASA’s Johnson Space Center
  • Richard Hollingham – Science journalist, producer of Space Boffins podcast, living in the U.K.
  • Barry Matsumori – Senior vice president for commercial sales and business development, SpaceX Corporation
  • Peter Swan – Space System Engineer and Vice President, International Space Elevator Consortium