Cosmic Conundra

ENCORE  Admit it – the universe is cool, but weird.  Just when you think you’ve tallied up all the peculiar phenomena that the cosmos has to offer – it throws more at you. We examine some of the recent perplexing finds.

Could massive asteroid impacts be as predictable as phases of the moon?  Speaking of moons – why are some of Pluto’s spinning like turbine-powered pinwheels?  Plus, we examine a scientist’s claim of evidence for parallel universes.

And, could the light patterns from a distant star be caused by alien mega-structures? 


  • Mike Rampino – Professor of biology and environmental studies at New York University
  • Mark Showalter Senior research scientist at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California
  • Ranga-Ram Chary Astronomer, U.S. Planck Data Center, California Institute of Technology