Outta This World

Categories: Earth

Earth may not be rare after all. New data from NASA´s Kepler mission suggests that the universe is chock-a-block with planets. More than a thousand new possible planets have just been found, and more than fifty of these might be suitable for life. Ready for cosmic company? We discuss the results of the Kepler mission in a roundtable with some of its top scientists.

Meanwhile, the Voyager spacecraft continues to be humanity´s point man in the race to interstellar space. Poised to leave our solar system, we reflect on the mission –“ including its on-board messages for aliens.

Plus, out-of-this world science. From lab coats to warp speed: does Hollywood get it right? Does it matter?


  • Jon Jenkins –“ Co-principal investigator for the Kepler Mission
  • Doug Caldwell –“ Co-investigator and instrument scientist for the Kepler Mission
  • Jessie Christiansen –“ Data scientist working on the Kepler mission
  • Ed Stone –“ Professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, and former Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Jennifer Ouellette –“ Writer and former director, National Academy of Sciences´ Science and Entertainment Exchange

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