What Lies Beneath

Categories: Earth

ENCORE What you can’t see may astound you. The largest unexplored region of Earth is the ocean. Beneath its churning surface, oceanographers have recently discovered the largest volcano in the world – perhaps in the solar system.

Find out what is known – and yet to be discovered – about the marine life of the abyss, and how a fish called the bristlemouth has grabbed the crown for “most numerous vertebrate on Earth” from the chicken.

Plus, the menace of America’s Cascadia fault, which has the potential to unleash a devastating magnitude 9 earthquake.

Follow Dr. Sager’s voyage back to Tamu Massif in Fall 2015.


Bruce Robison – Deep sea biologist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

William Sager – Marine geophysicist, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston

Chris Goldfinger – Marine geologist, geophysicist, paleo-seismologist, Oregon State University