You’ve Got Sol!

Categories: Earth

It´s the star of our solar system, but much about the Sun is still mysterious. Find out what a new NASA mission to our favorite fireball might discover about its super-hot outer regions.

Also, why the most common stars in the galaxy don´t shine thanks to nuclear energy as our Sun does. And, recreating Sol´s energy source on Earth at the National Ignition Facility.

Plus, an ex-Star Wars animator and photographer on how to film an atomic blast.


  • Peter Kuran –“ An animator on Star Wars, now a filmmaker, documentarian of “”">Trinity and Beyond," and author of How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb
  • Davy Kirkpatrick –“ Astronomer, California Institute of Technology, and scientist for NASA´s WISE mission
  • Stuart Bale –“ Physicist at the University of California, Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
  • Mike Dunne –“ Physicist, and Program Director for Fusion Energy at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory