AstrobioBot: The Story Begins

Our hero in the Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot. Credit: Aaron L. Gronstal

Today, Astrobiology Magazine is introducing our new feature section for astrobiology-related cartoons and comics called "Astrobio Comics". This modern, digital version
of the ‘Sunday Comic Strip´ will present an entertaining twist on news and events in the
science of Astrobiology.

Our first comic series focuses on the story of how an exploration mission is developed.
The tale is told through the eyes of a small robotic instrument who is determined to follow
his destiny and become a full-fledged astrobiology adventurer.

When AstrobioBot´s program kicks in, he finds himself abandoned on a dusty shelf in a
NASA robotics laboratory. Even though he has no wheels, he is still determined to reach
the object of his desires – the planet Mars.

Follow the continuing adventures of AstrobioBot with a new comic strip each week. Credit: Aaron L. Gronstal

We hope to provide our readers, both young and young-at-heart, with an entertaining
and light-hearted way to learn about current developments in Mars exploration.
AstrobioBot is of course fictional, but his journey is rooted in reality. This year marks major
advancements for Astrobiology´s role in the exploration of Mars. By the end of 2011,
NASA will launch the largest Mars rover ever to explore the red planet – the Mars Science
Laboratory´s (MSL) Curiosity rover. The MSL mission is the first since the Viking missions
of the 1970s to include astrobiology as a primary mission objective.

Join AstrobioBot as he trains for a journey through the stars, meeting key people in Mars
science, participating in important research and witnessing monumental events that will
shape the future of our search for life on Mars.

To read the current instalments of the series, visit Astrobio Comics Presents.