Going the Distance: Professionals and Students of all ages

Funding Resources for Professionals and Students of all ages

Every year, the National Space Club awards a scholarship of $10,000 in memory of American rocketry pioneer, Dr. Robert H. Goddard. Colorized image of Dr. Goddard at a Clark University chalkboard in 1924. Image Credit: NASA

Here is a brief list of available scholarships for everyone: science teachers and students of all ages. Researchers and post-docs are encouraged to apply for #1. Graduate level and professionals have access to #2.

These represent a small fraction of what’s out there now.

For Scientists and/or Science Teachers of all ages:
1) Oak Ridge National Laboratories’ Institute for Science and Education
Official site: http://see.orau.org/
Final Deadline: Varies, Check Website

2) Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships
Official site: http://www.rotary.org/en/grants
Final Deadline: District Grants Varies by District, Check Website
Final Deadline: Global Grant Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis
Final Deadline: Packaged Grant Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis

3) NASA Education Associates Program
Official site: http://eap.usra.edu

4) NASA Internships Portal
Official site: https://intern.nasa.gov/ossi/web/public/main/index.cfm?solarAction=view&subAction=content&contentCode=HOME_PAGE_INTERNSHIPS
Deadline: Check the website

5) NASA – National Space Club
Official website: http://www.spaceclub.org/programs/scholars.html
Deadline: Check website