The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot


Our hero in the Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot. Credit: Aaron L. Gronstal

Astrobiology Magazine proudly introduces the first series in our feature section, Astrobio Comics Presents. The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot is a modern, digital version of the “Sunday Comic Strip,” and presents an entertaining twist on news and events in the science of Astrobiology.

The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot focuses on the story of how an exploration mission is developed. The tale is told through the eyes of a small robotic instrument who is determined to follow his destiny and become a full-fledged astrobiology adventurer.

When AstrobioBot´s program kicks in, he finds himself abandoned on a dusty shelf in a NASA robotics laboratory. Even though he has no wheels, he is still determined to reach the object of his desires – the planet Mars. Join him as he struggles to keep ahead of budget cuts and to gather the team researchers that he needs in order to fulfill his dream of searching for life on the martian surface.

To join AstrobioBot on his adventure, start reading from Episode 1 at:

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