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  • Saturnian Wheels Turn, Without Spokes
    As the Saturn probe, Cassini, approaches the ringed planet, its new images show a puzzling lack of 'spokes' that were first observed when Voyager flew by on its way to outer solar system. Planned to enter orbit in July, Cassini will drop a descent probe
  • Lord of the Rings
    Missions to land on other planets benefit from the regular close approaches that neighboring worlds make in our solar system. The current blitz on Mars took advantage of a close approach in August, and this time next year, a lander descending on one of Saturn's
  • Ring Recycling
    One of the most beautiful and until recently least understood parts of our solar system was planetary rings. But since the Voyager spacecraft first discovered that tiny moons could shape or shepherd the rings on Saturn, a notion of the rings as rocky rubble has