• Where Will We First Land with Humans on Mars?

    Footsteps to Mars Hangout. On the first Friday of the month, Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti and Harley Thronson discuss the challenges, science and mission progress of a human presence on the Red Planet, Mars.


    Credit: Deep Astronomy

  • The World Outside My Window

    This is a great video put together by David Peterson using a montage of photographs from the International Space Station (many from astronaut Don Peteet). More info can be found here

    Images: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/
    Music: ‘Fill My Heart’ by Two Steps from Hell
    Editor: David Peterson

  • Roots of Life

    This is a beautiful video directed by Rajan Mehta. It combines footage of the aurora borealis and images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

    Jihae and Jean Luc Sinclair
    Courtesy of Septem Inc.

    Film Direction
    Rajan Mehta

    Rajan Mehta and Mote Sinabel
    Goddard Space Center / SDO / NASA for Solar
    Imaging films

    Diego Del Sol Garcia

  • Astrobiology: Search for Biosignatures in our Solar System and Beyond

    On December 4, 2013, the U.S. House Science Committee held a hearing on astrobiology and the search for signs of life in the universe.

  • Keep Rolling on Mars

    Mobility is a vital part of a rover’s mission on the surface of Mars. A team from MIT, Washington University in St. Louis and NASA JPL, has developed a model that accurately simulates rover mobility over various types of soil and terrain.

  • Starburst to Star Bust

    Astronomers have observed vigorous star formation turning the tables on a galaxy, leaving little fuel for the next generation of stars. These new observations may help solve the mystery of the missing high-mass galaxies that theories predict should exist, but are conspicuously absent. Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF

  • Life on Mars – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy

    Discover how asteroids and microbes flying through space could hold the secret to life on Earth and Mars.

  • The Rotating Moon – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy

    The Moon is like a loyal servant to a Queen, and never turns its back on the Earth. Discover how the Moon’s orbit means we always see its best side. Free and quick learning from The Open University in the United Kingdom.

  • A Day on Mercury – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy

    No-one on Mercury could claim there’s not enough hours in the day. Find out how you’d pass the time on a planet where a single day lasts two years. Free and quick learning from The Open University in the United Kingdom.

  • Exoplanets – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy

    Planets outside our solar system (exoplanets) are hard to spot… so how do astronomers do it? Free and quick learning from The Open University in the United Kingdom.